Autonomy Counseling, PLLC

Troy Duncan, MSW, LGSW

"My therapeutic approach is based on good general counseling skills, meaning that regardless of the practice theory being used, I strive to promote a professional relationship in which you feel heard and seen and validated. I use motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT). Today's CBT also allows me to incorporate specific skills and techniques from other approaches, including but not limited to dialectical behavior therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy, which are descendants of CBT.

I am licensed in Minnesota as an LGSW and work under the supervision of Autonomy's clinical director. As a therapist from a social work background, I bring an additional perspective to Autonomy. I consider each person in the context of their broader social environment, recognize and support individual strengths, focus on empowering clients, and defend every client's right to socially responsible self-determination. I welcome and learn from minorities of all kinds (e.g. racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, sexual, gender).

I received my Master of Social Work from The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University."